Small floor drain makes important role in life

The floor drain is a small prop that plays a very important role in life. Its function is very simple and clear, it is born for drainage, and is widely used in spaces such as bathrooms, kitchens and basements. However, even so, its importance is irreplaceable. It is for this reason that choosing a high-quality floor drain can bring better drainage effect, better user experience and better kitchen and bathroom environment quality.

Our floor drains feature innovative designs and environmentally friendly materials, bringing you a brand new experience in use. We are committed to absorbing the product experience of excellent brands at home and abroad, and constantly pioneering and innovating in terms of quality, design and details to make your home more beautiful, comfortable and efficient.


One, unique and beautiful
Compared with traditional floor drains, our floor drains adopt novel shapes and high-quality materials, making them more beautiful and elegant. Its all-round inlaid drainage hole design can deodorize and deodorize at any time, and is deeply loved by young people and high-end customers.

Two, super deodorizing function
Our floor drain adopts super deodorizing technology, adheres to the purpose of environmental protection and health, and brings a cleaner air environment for home kitchens and bathrooms. The dense drainage design is adopted to keep away from stench and pollution, and it will never be blocked.

Three, efficient drainage
Our floor drain adopts a special high-efficiency filter design, which makes the drainage smoother and faster, avoids clogging and water stagnation, is more practical and popular, and brings you an unparalleled pleasant experience.

Four, easy to clean
Our floor drain is designed with integral structure, which increases its durability and service life, and is easy to clean and maintain. Any dirt can be easily removed, making your cleaning process easier, more convenient and faster.

Taizhou daqiu sanitary ware can supply floor drains which can reach all this requirement.


The floor drain is not only an indispensable prop in life, but also a guardian who brings us a comfortable and clean private space. Buying our floor drain is not only choosing quality and service, but also choosing health, environmental protection, and bringing a better quality of life to your family.

Taizhou daqiu sanitary ware happy to know you from all over the world!

Post time: Apr-25-2023