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The floor drain is one of the indispensable parts in modern household facilities, it can effectively drain water and prevent flood disasters. If you are planning to buy a floor drain, then you need to pay attention to the following points before buying.

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1.Material requirements: Floor drains are usually made of materials such as stainless steel, copper, plastic and iron. Both stainless steel and copper are high-quality materials and have strong, corrosion-resistant properties. When purchasing, you should pay attention to choosing high-quality, anti-corrosion and durable materials.


2.Drainage capacity: According to different uses and room sizes, floor drains with different drainage capacities need to be selected. For example, in bathrooms and kitchens, larger drainage capacity is required, while toilets can choose floor drains with smaller drainage capacity.


3.Brand and price: Choosing a floor drain of a well-known brand can ensure the quality and quality of after-sales service. The floor drain with a relatively high price is also more stable and practical. It should be noted that low-priced floor drains may have quality problems, which should be carefully considered before purchasing.


4.Installation location: Before purchasing, the installation location of the floor drain should be determined according to different uses and room needs. In order to facilitate cleaning and maintenance, the installation location should be selected in an easily accessible location.


5.Disinfection problem: The floor drain is a facility that is easy to hide dirt and bacteria. When purchasing a floor drain, you can choose a model with a disinfection function or an easy-to-clean model to reduce the impact on family health.


In short, various factors need to be considered when choosing a floor drain, including quality, usage occasions, price, disinfection issues, etc. Only by choosing a floor drain that suits your room and the functional requirements of the floor drain can you ensure a comfortable and healthy home environment.



Can your products print the customer`s Logo?
A: Sure,as long as customers provide CAD form file;we have D&R department, we can make design for you.

What is your sales stratagem for new products?
A:When the new products come out,we will do follow step:
1)Make relevant display cases to present to clients.
2)Bring the product display case to the customer's company for presentation
3)Participate in relevant industry exhibitions to display new products

How long does the mold development of your company take?
A:According to the drawings provided by the customer, it can be completed in 1-2 months.

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