300mm Brass Floor Drain Brass Drain Cover Plates Hair Trap Drain For Shower Brass Shower Floor Drain Brass Shower Drain

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Item No: DL10-30FD-Spa

Brand in domestic: FengCai

Material: GB-HPB59-1 Brass

Weight: 2280g

Package: brown box/piece

Delivery time: approximate 30 days

Export port: Ningbo ,Shanghai

Sample: support

Application: for bathroom,for kitchen

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Main body in ware




Canton Fair


Poor internal drainage also poses a threat to residents' quality of life and health. Because the residential sewage must contain more insoluble things, and the shortcomings of the current residential indoor drainage design, it is difficult to discharge sediment in time, the possibility of timely cleaning is very small, easy to form blockage.

In the residential decoration, more and more people realize the importance of floor drain, especially in the decoration of kitchen and bathroom floor drain has a very high requirement.It's generally accepted that floor drains need to last at least 10 years and look classy.When clean of appropriate sanitary ware fittings is provided in choose and purchase, need to know a few knowledge and skill, can bring many trouble to resident, owner otherwise, also bring helpless to the life henceforth, affected life quality. So with the progress of materials and technology, we need to continue to accumulate experience and explore the selection of floor drains.

Our floor drain can solve this problem.Anti-smell,anti-blocking,fast drainage is our advantage.


Q1:How often is the products updated?
A:Product update frequency is based on market demand.Normally we will have new products during half -one year.

Q2:What is your sales stratagem for new products?
A:When the new products come out,we will do follow step:
1)Make relevant display cases to present to clients.
2)Bring the product display case to the customer's company for presentation
3)Participate in relevant industry exhibitions to display new products
Q3:What is the working time of your company?
A:1)For workshop department,working time is every day,Except legal holiday.From 7:30-11:30;12:30-17:00(Winter) , 8:00-11:30;13:00-17:30(Summer)
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