What are the main points of floor drain selection?

The FLOOR DRAIN is an important interface connecting the drainage pipe system and the indoor ground, as an important part of the residential drainage system, its performance directly affects the quality of indoor air, and it is very important to the peculiar smell control between the bathroom. So what are the main points of floor drain selection?


Floor drain selection points

1、CJ/T 186-2003 standard is only applicable to the general industrial and civil building use of the floor drain, not suitable for special places such as civil air defense engineering special anti-wave floor drain, petrochemical enterprises special explosion-proof floor drain. For floor drains in special places, in addition to referring to this standard, they should also meet the technical requirements of related industries.
2、Water seal is one of the important characteristics of water seal floor drain. When choosing, we should know whether the water seal depth of the product reaches 50mm. Side wall type floor drain, floor drain with mesh frame, closed type floor drain generally do not take water seal; Overflow prevention floor drain, multi-channel floor drain most with water seal, should be selected according to the manufacturer's information specific understanding. For the floor drain without water seal, the water seal depth of the floor drain discharge pipe should not be less than 50mm trap. This component can be configured by the floor drain manufacturer, or by the installation of the floor drain construction unit.


3、The surface of the ground drain should be adjusted with a height of not less than 35mm, so as to ensure that the surface of the ground should be level with the ground after the decoration is completed. The floor drain waterproof wing ring is to do a good job of the waterproof requirements when the floor drain is installed on the floor. The grate strength should meet the corresponding load if the grate is set up in the car passage of underground garage or the place bearing the load.
4、The structure of the floor drain with water seal should be reasonable and smooth, and the sundries in the drainage are not easy to settle down; The water cross section area of each part should be greater than the cross-sectional area of the discharge pipe, and the minimum clear width of the flow passage section should not be less than 10mm.


5、There are three types of floor drain connection: socket; The screw thread; Clamp. The size of the connecting port can be determined according to the relevant regulations of the current country. 6) Odor proof floor drain should be preferred, and floor drain can not be set where drainage is not needed. The builder left the floor drain uncompleted without a backwater bay.

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