What are the characteristics of a good floor drain?

Floor drain is an important interface connecting drainage pipe system and indoor ground. As an important part of residential drainage system, its performance directly affects the quality of indoor air,also vital for bathroom odor control.

The special features of floor drain: it excludes surface water, water stains, solid things, fiber things, hair, easy to deposit, etc .Floor drain should have four characteristics: fast drainage, odor prevention, blockage prevention, easy to clean.

1.Main body: selected standard HPB59-1 high quality brass, red stamping forging, integrated molding, using the world's most advanced CNC automatic processing center refined from.

2.Panel: Thickened design, 70 years of use does not collapse, real material, fine carving grinding, inner edge finishing, so that the panel and the main body tightly, all round chamfer design, make the product more rounded take do not cut hands, hollow proportion of 50% design, rapid drainage and can effectively filter hair and other sundry.

3.Floor drain core: the use of aviation grade ABS material, mechanical gravity drainage, the use of reverse gravity balance principle, to solve the water seal floor drain easy to block drainage slow, spring magnetic suction floor drain long easy to failure and other technical problems. Filter and core integrated design, easy to clean, easy to install, large displacement, faster drainage, displacement up to 40L/min


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Post time: Apr-07-2022