How to repair floor drain when there is a problem


Cause analysis:
It may be that the water seal height of the floor drain is not enough, which is easy to dry up, causing the odor in the drainage pipe to flood into the room.
1)There is not necessarily a return bend in the floor drain, add one to it.
2)Change a floor drain with the same brand and specifications.but during construction, pay attention not to destroy the water proof layer.

Also, a word of caution,In use, it should prevent the water seal from drying up, and regular water injection is required。If you leave for a long time, it is best to seal the floor drain with a lid.


Cause analysis:
It may be that the water section of the floor drain is not smooth enough, and the sewage can not pass quickly, or because of the convex and concave structure of the floor drain, the dirt such as hair and fiber is caught.

The height of the floor drain is determined by the distribution of the drainage system. Therefore, the height of the floor drain selected with it is best respectively within 200mm and 120mm, and must drain laterally. The commonly used method of dark installation is the local sinking of the floor of the toilet structure and the toilet to do two kinds of cushion cloth.

3.water seepage

The floor tile around the drain is opened, and the cement around it is dug out 3cm deep, and then the “plugging spirit” is sealed, 1 hour after the closed water test, to observe whether it is still seepage, such as not seepage that recovery.

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Post time: Oct-31-2022