Brass copper angle valve full turn brass angle valve Cold and hot water stop valve brass Fission Angle valve

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With respect to angle valve character, copper has become the first selection material of take the credit material, basically because of brass medium fight bacterium effect is the detection that obtains authoritative laboratory to approbate already.High-grade brand that defend bath majority chooses cupreous to serve as angle valve noumenon, other material is qualitative suffer eliminate already made inevitable trend.

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J08-2p (1)
J08-2p (3)
J08-2p (2)
J08-2p (4)

Brass angel valve:

1)Item number: J08-2
2)Material :GB-hpb59-1 brass
3)Package: brown box/color box per piece
5)Delivery time: approximate 30 days
6)Export port: Ningbo ,Shanghai
7)Sample : support
8)Application: for bathroom,for kitchen,for washing machine,for balcony

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Q1:Do you have your own brand in domestic market?
Yes, we have brand called”Fengcai”, and we are committed to creating high-end all-copper bathroom hardware products with more precision quality, striving for perfection of product quality and details, creating a comfortable, healthy, environmentally and friendly life for consumers.

Q2:How to maintain floor drain?
1)Use a brush, preferably not plastic, which can splash water and stain your clothes.
2)You can dissolve soda and hot water at 1:30 and keep the water temperature at 55 degrees Celsius until it gets hot.
3)You can use the dissolved hot alkali water to fall down the floor drain, pay attention to not too fast when pouring, but the amount of water should be large, so as to play the role of scouring, in order to wash down the debris of the pipe wall.

Q3: What is your enterprise positioning?
We continue to pioneer, running in the most advanced industry development,From technology improvement to professional design, we grow rapidly and soar in the forefront of China's intelligent manufacturing;From seiko to multi-category manufacturing, we continue to research and development, Tour in the forefront of excellent quality;From product innovation, brand building, channel expansion, terminal sales to the new construction of business model peak mining floor drain, leading the non-standard seiko floor drain big future.

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