Brass concealed floor drain Square Shower brass Floor Drain with Tile Insert brass square tile insert floor drain Invisible Tile Insert brass Floor Drain

Toilet smell, this is mainly caused by the unqualified floor drain. Experts believe should check from the aspects of seal, such as sink plumbing and kitchen conduit and the joint of sewer, these details if there is no strict seal will become channels of sewer smell into the interior. Due to the water outlet are more secluded place, easy to overlook when decorate after acceptance, should attract the attention of the owner. Is the concrete practice of expert advice, please decorate worker will interface crack with glass glue or other adhesive seal, the gas can’t send out.

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Item number Weight Color package Size



(Brass material)

670g Chrome





Gun gray

Brown box/

Color box;


10cm*10cm  dbf

(Brass material)

414g Chrome




Brown box/

Color box;


10cm*10cm  svd

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htr (1)
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htr (4)
htr (3)


erg (4)
erg (1)
erg (3)
erg (2)

How to make a high quality floor drain?

On the process of Forging

rthht (10)
rthht (11)

On the process of cutting edge

rthht (1)
rthht (3)

semi-finished product

rthht (6)
rthht (7)
rthht (8)
rthht (5)
rthht (4)

On the process of Turning,milling edge

rthht (9)
rthht (2)

On the process of inner wall carved,polishing and Test

rthht (13)
rthht (14)
rthht (12)


Q1: How do you do about quality control?

A: Quality is above everything. We always attach great importance to quality controlling from the beginning to the end. Each products are tested one by one which must be in accordance with the  factory quality standard before arranged to packing.

Q2:What is your production process?

A:There are 17 processes to complete a floor drain:

1. selection of raw materials
2. cutting materials
3. Forging
4. shaping
5. cut edge
6. shot blasting
7. turning
8. milling edge
9. inner wall carved
10. pattern carved
11. Polishing
12. fine polishing
13. Electroplating
14. inspection
15. salt spray test
16. print logo
17. packaging

Q3:How to select good floor drain?

A: The special features of floor drain: it excludes surface water, water stains, solid things, fiber things, hair, easy to deposit, etc .Floor drain should have four characteristics: fast drainage, odor prevention, blockage prevention, easy to clean.

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